About This Exhibition

The Wichita Art Museum has been a place where artists find inspiration from works of art and other artists. Wichita artist Kent T. Williams acknowledged, “Field trips to the Wichita Art Museum have been always exciting times for me, possessing potential new discoveries and delightful memories from my formative years in the galleries of inspiring works of art. I am grateful for these collected objects, the expansion they afford me, and the human relationships they fertilize, growing our experience and community.”

The Artist Project ties this phenomenon of creative response to art by artists with the 2016 book Wichita Artists in Their Studios. Fifty Wichita-based artists appeared in the special publication. In turn, these artists now explore the collection of the Wichita Art Museum. The galleries will reveal what artistic treasures ignited the imagination and respect of this diverse group of Wichita’s visual artists. The show features an eclectic and powerful selection “curated” by the sensibilities of artists.

Painting of a man dressed in a black suit, holding a spiny plant

Ben Shahn, The Blind Botanist, 1954. Gouache, acrylic, and ink in paper mounted on Masonite, 52 1/16 x 30 7/7 inches. Wichita Art Museum, Roland P. Murdock Collection