About This Exhibition

The tactile quality of a painting, collage, or sculpture can come from the material of the object itself, such as the thick swabs of paint applied to a canvas or the polished smoothness of a marble sculpture. Artists also create the illusion of texture on a flat canvas, tricking the eye into believing that the surfaces it sees are not actually flat at all.

Look, Don’t Touch invites viewers to delight in art that explores texture and kindles the desire to reach out and touch. The exhibition also includes interactive touch stations that imitate the surfaces of the paintings and sculptures displayed.

Sculpture of an elongated head of brown stone, placed at an angle on a pedastal of a pebble-textured material in off-white

Ron Allen, Behind the Garden, Beyond the Wall, Enters the Dream, 1984. Colorado alabaster on wood base, 26 1/4 x 10 x 3 3/4 inches. Wichita Art Museum, Museum purchase, Friends of the Wichita Art Museum