Artwork Information

  • Title:

    Magic Return of the God

  • Artist:

    Carstenson, Cecil C.

  • Artist Bio:

    American, 1906–1991

  • Date:


  • Medium:


  • Dimensions:

    16 7/8 x 18 7/8 x 1 7/8

  • Credit Line:

    Wichita Art Museum, Gift of the artist and Blanche Carstenson

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  • Display:

    Not Currently on Display

About the Artwork

“I have become intrigued in my reading by the way the Pacific islanders always seem to be hauling their gods back and forth across the water. It was as if the primary inter-island commerce was gods’ transportation. This notion that I had stored away was probably triggered by the undulating chip form, which suggested a boat to me. It is milo, which comes from Hawaii, and is hard to find. All these things helped to suggest the theme.”

                                                                                    Cecil Carstenson

                                                                                    The Craft and Creation of Wood Sculpture

                                                                                    Dover Publications, NY, 1981