Artwork Information

  • Title:

    60 Million Gumballs with Ten Winners

  • Artist:

    Berman, Steve

  • Artist Bio:

    American, born 1947

  • Date:


  • Medium:

    Acrylic on Masonite

  • Dimensions:

    21 1/4 x 19 3/4 inches

  • Credit Line:

    Wichta Art Museum, Museum purchase, KS Artist's 1973 Biennial Purchase Award, Wichita Art Museum Members Foundation

  • Object Number:


  • Display:

    Not Currently on Display

About the Artwork

Artist Statement:

Not too long ago, gumball machines had what was known as winners. Winners were shaped like gumballs but made of wood and were painted yellow with green stripes. If you were lucky enough to get a winner, you would give it to the store cashier and receive a prize. While growing up, I played gumball machines and only received a few winners. I discovered when they refilled the machines, they would fill the center with gumballs and place the winners against the glass for its user to see. The machines were designed to empty from the center. This is why it was hard to get a winner. They would refill the machine before the winners would fall to the center. It seemed as if I purchased millions of gumballs compared to the few winners I ever received. My painting can be taken as this simple nostalgic reference or symbolically as millions of people in our society with only a few winners scattered unknowingly among the millions.