Virtual Tours

Schedule a Virtual, Interactive Tour for Your Class

Woman in a gallery looking at a landscape painting while talking to the camera and recording a virtual tour

USD 259 Wichita Public Schools recorded virtual tours at WAM during their 2020 Winter Wonderland with 2,000 participants in one virtual, December field trip!

Whether your school is open or you are meeting with students virtually, WAM’s virtual interactive presentations are a great way to incorporate American art into your curriculum this school year.

Virtual interactive tours are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays. These 30-minute virtual tours take place over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Choose a theme, and tell us some basic information about the class that will be attending.  WAM staff will set up an online meeting room for your designated date and time and will share this link via email.

There are three options offered for virtual tours. Companion art lessons for these themes are available in our online Educator’s Guide (download the Guide below).

Identity – How does an artist express who they are through their artwork?

Adversity – How can art help us learn to overcome obstacles in life?

Celebration – How does art celebrate life, important events, and people?

Each tour will be catered to fit the grade level of your students.  The WAM Educator facilitating the tour will use the screen-sharing feature to show high-resolution images and videos of artworks as they guide students through observation and interpretation exercises and discuss the context behind each artwork. Your tour guide will monitor questions in the chat throughout the tour, and there will be a few minutes at the end to reflect and discuss as a group. Student participation is highly encouraged!

NOTE: Please contact WAM’s Education Department at least one week in advance to schedule your tour.

For scheduling, call 316-268-4917 or email, and please include the following information:

– School/Organization’s name

– Organization’s address

– Organization-s city/state/zip Code

– Contact name

– Relationship to school/organization

– Contact email address

– Contact phone number

– Which virtual tour theme? (Themes are Celebration, Identity or Adversity)

– Age or grade level of tour participants

– Preferred date(s) of your tour

– Preferred time(s) for your tour