About WAM Docents

Photo of 31 men and women in various clothing, some sitting on a semi-circular orange couch, with others standing behind them

WAM Docent Corps – 2023


The word docent is derived from the Latin word docēre, which means “to teach”— and teach is exactly what docents do best. Docents are tour guides at the Wichita Art Museum and are an important resource to visitors. They are trained volunteers who study and become experts in guiding visitors of all ages on specialized learning tours or by conducting enriching art-looking experiences. Our family of docents champion as being passionate, personable, and full of incredible knowledge!

Are you interested in being on Team WAM? Do you have what it takes to get excited about all forms and genres of American art? Do you enjoy sharing your enthusiasm with groups of school children? Are you looking for opportunities to keep engaged and active and give back to the Wichita community? WAM is looking for you.

WAM trains volunteer tour guides to provide exceptional educational tours for visitors to the museum. Docents undertake training to learn about art history, museum education, touring and interactive strategies, and communication skills. Being a docent at WAM encourages greater visual and cultural literacy, fosters lifelong learning, and creates lasting friendships. For more information, email

For WAM Docents: Volgistics Sign-In Portal

New Docent Training Starts in Fall 2024

Three adults standing in front of an artwork (glare makes it unrecognizable. From left, first figure stands with her hand outstretched toward the artwork. She is dressed in a long camel jacket and wears a wide-rimmed hat. the middle figure is dressed in dark colors, carrying a bright orange purse and has long dark hair. The person on the far right is dressed in black, with a leather shoulder bag, wears glasses and has long, dark hair.

Starting in fall 2024, a new class of volunteers will embark on learning the ins and outs of being a museum tour guide extraordinaire! Are you interested in becoming one of these very knowledgeable WAM Docents? Do you know someone who would be a great fit?

For more information, email Fall training begins in September.