What do you think? WAM soliciting community feedback via the national 2021 Annual Survey of Museum-Goers

Light blue graphic with grey circles on it and a yellow word bubble with We Need Your Feedback in a black sans-serif font

2021 Annual Survey of Museum-Goers

For the third year, the Wichita Art Museum is part of the 2021 Annual Survey of Museum-Goers and is asking for feedback from the Wichita community about the museum and visitors’ experiences.

Take the survey here

This nationwide research initiative is led by the American Alliance of Museums, an international organization representing more than 4,000 art museums, history museums, zoos, and science centers. The survey is administered by Susie Wilkening of Wilkening Consulting, a firm specializing in groundbreaking research on the role of museums in American society. In mid-March, WAM’s results will be tabulated with dozens of museums from around the country, giving insights into the behaviors and values of museum-goers specifically, not casual visitors or the broader public.

Survey questions include:

  • How often do you visit the Wichita Art Museum?
  • Why do you (or do you not) visit WAM?
  • In the previous year, what types of virtual engagement/learning have you participated in?
  • How often did you watch or participate in virtual content specifically from museums?

Last year, the Annual Survey of Museum-Goers was launched immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that led most museums, including WAM, to close their doors temporarily. This year, survey questions will be more focused on how museums can engage with people virtually and when visitors will feel comfortable making in-person visits to museums. Participate here: wam.org/survey.