About This Event

Zippered bag with colored pencils coming out of the top and graphic of art supplies -- pencils, brushes, tube of paint and a series of small images from purple to red.

Mary Lake-Thompson art supply pouch + Blackwing colors

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What Will You Find?

Grouping of decorative fir trees in bright reds and greens on natural wood-toned bases

@your.hearts.content Hand-Dyed Bottle Brush Trees

Round watch with a silver rim and a face with four triangles -- yellow, red, black and blue, on a black band with silver clasp

@projectswatches Xela Watch

Two bags labeled On the Go Drawing Kits. Bags are rectangluar shaped, with polka dots - one in primary colors of red, green, blue, and yellow and one in red, orange and yellow

Kid Made Modern Art Sets

Box of folded socks with images of faces. Box top is off to the side, teal color with yellow polkadots

@chattyfeet Artist Sock Set

Gold post-style earrings with an oval-shaped rings with a gray and white floral pattern arrow shaped dangle.

@telluriangoods_ Wichita, KS

Photo of boxes of magnetic blocks toys with a block figure of a man with blue pants, red, shirt, yellow arms, and red hat and dog made of black, green, white, yellow, and blue blocks.

Pixio Magnetic Blocks

Square board with gold rim with a line drawing of a tree on the left. On the right is a box with the words Buddha in arched in cursive and Board in smaller type under and an illustration of a board similar to what's pictured on the right

Buddha Board

Brightly colored hair ties in a satiny fabric with a multicolor ICT flag motif. From right, orange, turquoise, black, purple, hot pink.

Bella Bonita Designs scrunchie

Globe with Van Gogh's

Van Gogh Irises Mova Globe

Stuffed toy owl in a gray fabric with gold and silver threads. The owl's eyes are closed, the beak is orange felt, and his feet are yellow with silver threads.

Feather B Owl

Pair of hand-blown tumblers with streaks of blue, yellow and red-orange

Meridian Street Art Glass

Three flat handmade candles in holiday motifs sitting in silver bases

Flatyz Candles

Glass snowmen on a background of a fir tree branch. Snowman on the left has a black hat, orange nose, and red scarf. Snowman on the right has a black hat, orange nose and green scarf.

Lauren Hunt glass snowmen

Accordian lamp on a table

Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp

Beaded handbag, black with a silver and gold champagne bottle, gold cork lifted from the bottle and lines of gold and silver beading, and silver stars to indicate the exploding liquid

Mary Francis Accessories

Decorative carved, red and white with faces of six elves in a triangle pattern

Swedish Tomte