2020 Donors and Patrons

Supporters of WAM

Georgia O’Keeffe Society
Mrs. E.W. Armstrong
City of Wichita
F. Price Cossman Memorial Trust,
INTRUST Bank, Trustee
Paula and Barry Downing
Friends of the Wichita Art Museum
Lattner Family Foundation
Jayne and Glenn Milburn Fund
Lynne Ruffin-Smith Charitable Foundation
Colby Sandlian, Sandlian Realty
Mrs. Judy Slawson
Stephen and Ann Starch Trust

Mary Cassatt Society
DeVore Foundation
J. Eric Engstrom and Robert Bell
Koch Family Foundation
Mosby Lincoln Foundation
The Trust Company of Kansas

Winslow Homer Society
Charles Baker
Emprise Bank
Stone Family Foundation

Edward Hopper Society
Louise Beren
Berry Foundation
Fred and Sue Berry
Emily Bonavia
Donna J. Bunk
Commerce Bank
Mary Eves
Fidelity Bank
Joey and Rich Giblin
Carol and H. Guy Glidden
Sonia Greteman and Chris Brunner
IMA Financial Group
Liz and Charles Koch
Sondra M. Langel
Mike and Dee Michaelis
Mindy and Tom Page
Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Ann Ross
The Shaw Family Foundation
Sarah T. Smith
Mary Sue Smith
Sue and Kurt Watson
K.T. Wiedemann Foundation

2020 Gift-in-kind
Ambiance—Events by April
Robert S. Burnstein
Douglas Production Group
J. Eric Engstrom
Gary and Pam Fulton
Scott Hampel in memory of
Paul and Phyllis Hampel
Planet Hair
Charla Sanderson
Marjorie Swann and William M. Tsutsui
Valley Offset Printing
Martha L. Walker

2020 John Steuart Curry Society
Charles Baker
Louise Beren
Connie Bonfy
Donna J. Bunk
Paula and Barry Downing
J. Eric Engstrom
Mildred Graves Weir
Sonia Greteman and Chris Brunner
Jeff Kennedy and Patricia Gorham
Ellie Keppy
Delmar and Mary Klocke
Dr. George and Eleanor Lucas
Jerry Martin
Glenda McNew
Russ and Helen Meyer
Marlene Phillips
A. Scott and Carol Ritchie
Larry Schwarm
Chris Shank and Anna Anderson
Dot Shannon

2020 Patrons and Benefactors
Susan and Chris Addington
Dr. Richard and Suzie Ahlstrand
Tammy and Lionel Alford
Patty and Jim Armstrong
Kate and Clay Bastian
Sharon and Clark Bastian
Ann and Martin Bauer
Joseph Bayles
Michael J. Bayouth
Connie Bonfy
James R. Boyd
Dean W. Bradley
Dr. John and Nancy Brammer
Doug Brantner
Susie and William Braun III
Doug Brehm
Alta Brock
Bunny and Bob Broeckelman
Mr. C. Robert Buford
Susan and Martin Burdick
Cynthia and Richard Carl
John and Cindy Carnahan
Marla and Charles Chandler IV
DeLonna and Ron Coleman
Gerri Colgan and Michael Klaassen
Bree and Jason Cox
CrossFirst Bank
Richard and Miriam DeVore
Jill Docking
Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co.
Mark Eaton
Melodee and Martin Eby
Stephen A. English
Carol and Norman Farha
Dr. S. Jim Farha+
Vincent Farha, D.D.S.
Sara and Jim Farley
Dr. Alan and Sharon Fearey
Timothy Finnerty and Bob Adams
Kimberly Krohn and John Fishpaw
Foulston Siefkin LLP
Kyle Futo
Pat Galvan
Toni and Bud Gates
Ruthie and Jim Gillespie
Judy and Hew Goodpasture
Joseph Goodwin
Norma Greever
Dr. Harold and Mrs. Evelyn Gregg
Curt Gridley and Tracy Hoover
Carolyn and Jim Grier
John and Karen Hageman
Katherine Hanscom
Caroline and William Hayes
Helen and Ed Healy
Michael D. Heaston
Terry and Lou Heldman
Trish Higgins
Anita L. Jones and Richard C. Hite
Jeff Kennedy and Patti Gorham
Dr. and Mrs. Gyan Khicha
Delmar and Mary Klocke
Laura Knight
Jacque and Sam Kouri
Robert Layton and Beth King
Richard Learned and Katherine Allen
Martha and Jeff Linsner
Dr. George and Eleanor Lucas
Suzie and Errol Luginbill
Gayle and Doug Malone
Jamil Malone
Naama and Shadi Marcos
Jerry Martin
Dr. Patricia McDonnell
Nancy and Chuck McGuire
Anna and Belden Mills
Marianne and Glen Misko
Rynthia and David Mitchell
Jane and Barry Murphy
Julie and Bill Nicholson
Linda and Robert Nugent
Bill and Mary Lynn Oliver
Richard Overby and Mat Buckingham
Stev L. Overstreet
Lois Pappademos
Ron and Jenny Paulseen
Suzie Peak
Donna and Martin Perline
TeOndra Phillips
Diane Cline-Pollock and Tony Pollock
Diane and Scott Post
Jo Ann and Gary Pottorff
Belinda and Sheldon Preskorn
Kristin and Will Price
Jan and Steve Randle
Sharol and Robert Rasberry
Janel Razook
Scott and Betsy Redler
Anita and Timothy Reimer
Barbara Rensner
A. Scott and Carol Ritchie
LaNita Roark
David and Janet Robl
Dee Rolph
Alice and Tim Schoonover
Bruce and Linda Schreck
Nancy and Bob Schwan
Larry Schwarm
John B. Schwartz
Chris Shank and Anna R. Anderson
Dot Shannon
Barbara and Richard Shaw
Mimi and Jack Shellito
Debbie and Ron Sinclair
Susan and Richard Skibba
Ellie and Don Skokan
Mrs. Judy Slawson
Jack and Debbie Snyder
Stephanie and Harvey Sorensen
Barbara Williams and Perry W. Stafford
Georgia and Keith Stevens
Tena and Ken Stoppel
Barbara Thompson
Bill and Lynne Tinker
Becky and Roger Turner
Mrs. Harriett Van Bebber
Trish and Bruce VanOsdel
Janice and Jeff Van Sickle
Norma and Thomas Veazey
R. Byrne and Becky Vickers
Marni Vliet Stone and David Stone
Nestor R. Weigand, Jr.
Dale and Alice Wiggins
Alex and Kristin Williams


Saturday free admission is made possible by Colby Sandlian, Sandlian Realty.

Youth education programs are supported by Lynne Ruffin-Smith Charitable Foundation.

CrossFirst Bank and IMA Financial Group supported Winter Art Mania 2020.

The Wichita Art Museum’s Technology Upgrade Project was supported in part by the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

The Wichita Art Museum’s COVID-19 response was supported in part by a Short Term Operational Support Grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.